Top Iphone Applications For Productivity

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The applications for the iPhone fall in a number of categories. Since there are so many of them they need to be organized to be able to search them effectively. They vary in price and functionality but the following are the best productivity applications that all iPhone users should at least try out sometime while owning an iPhone.

The first is the free application of EverNote. It is a small little application that allows people to collect and keep small notes in one location for easy access. It is more than just a normal post it note like application since notes can be compiled in a few different formats. Text notes can be added along with quick pictures which may need to be recalled at a whim. Voice notes are also available to be recorded and one factor that is even cooler is that the application has the function built in to search for text through pictures by character recognition. This makes it useful if needing to read signs or anything else in a photo. Its definitely something all users should get especially since it is free.

Another useful application, although not free, is Pocket Informant. It is an application that combines the functions of a to-do list and a calendar into one convenient place. This allows users to keep their appointments and dates in order. It also supports synchronizing so that the application can upload the data to Google Calendar in order to keep the computer and iPhone synchronized together. You should never miss an appointment this way.

iTranslate is an application that not all people need but it may come in handy at times when you may not even expect to need to know a foreign language. There is no harm in trying it out though because it is completely free. It links up directly to Google to translate any text that you need immediately. There are translations for the common languages such as French and Spanish and even some of the more rare occurrences such as Latvian. No automated translators are perfect but it is better than nothing when you really are in a pinch to know a translation.

Individuals who are fans of lists will want to try out the free application of WhatTasksLite. This quick and simple to-do application allows your to-do list to be split into categories to keep your life organized. Some groups users may wish to split include work, personal, or even school. Priority levels can also be noted. Sometimes simplicity is the way to ensure that the application actually gets used instead of sitting dormant on your iPhone.

Google Voice isnt an application but is something that should definitely be used by all iPhone owners. It is also completely free. This really helps for calls because international calls can be conducted at low rates and unlimited text messages are able to be sent. All voicemails can be browsed through Google Voice as well. It is possible to use Google Voice just like you would any other application.

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