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How times have changed in the land of portable audio. The MP3 player as we know it started off as a simple digital audio player. Since MP3's first introduction to the market manufacturers have implemented new features which enable you to view images and play videos, adding even more versatility to the mix. With the addition of many new and enhanced features you might not know where to start when commencing the search for a new music playing companion. Use the following handy tips to help you on your way to MP3 heaven.

One of the common ways to categorise MP3 players is by the way in which data is stored. The original MP3 player was flash based which basically means the device is non-mechanical and doesn't have any moving parts. Your audio files are stored on an internal flash memory area which makes this type of device much smaller in size than hard disk storage counterparts. Flash based players use less power so batteries tend to last longer and they are also renowned for their shockproof operation which means no more skipping tracks when jogging or on the move.

MP3 players which store your files on a hard disk drive increase memory significantly with the likelihood that a high-capacity player would be able to hold thousands of songs and quite possibly your entire music collection. To estimate the storage capacity of an MP3 player it's important to know that a typical good quality song will use about 4.5MB of memory so a 1 GB player can accommodate around 220 songs. The idea that you can carry all the music you own around on a device which fits into a handbag or pocket is almost incomprehensible but this is in fact the reality of today's MP3 player.

Once you've decided which storage type to opt for there are other factors to consider. Deciding whether you want to watch videos and view photos on your MP3 player is a good place to start. This also helps to determine whether you need a colour screen as well as the size of the screen itself. Colour screens are great for playing video files and perusing your photos and also mean you can see your track listings and album covers in full colour too. You will want a decent sized screen for viewing purposes so that's something to look out for when making your selection.

Some MP3 players now come with radio function built in so you can tune in to your favourite frequency at home, at work or wherever you happen to be. With the switchover from analogue to digital imminent it is worth considering a player with DAB radio so you can carry on listening after analogue.

Other mp3 player functions include voice recorders, alarm clock and even waterproof options so if surfing whilst singing along to your tunes sounds like your idea of fun there's a product out there for you!

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