Learn How to Attract Women by Playing Hard to Get

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Women will be all over you if you play hard to get

Can playing hard to get actually land you more hot dates? You betcha! I have used this particular technique for years and it never fails. Women tend to reach high for the forbidden fruit rather than easily picking them from the lower branches. Women like the guy who seems just out of her reach. If you're playing hard to get, her interest is only growing by the second.

Have you ever wondered why women want to talk to you more when you are not single (when you have a hot girl on your arm)? I don't know about you, but when I'm involved in a relationship with someone, women seem to be more interested in me for some reason. I say to myself, "Where were they when I was single?"

Knowing this, I think women like to go after men they consider challenges. They don't necessarily like the guy desperately pursuing them all the time-even though they love the attention. They rather get attention from the guy who is unique and rare. They want the guy who seems harder to get… a good catch or a "keeper."

Formulating a plan

The keys that will make playing hard to get a huge success for you is patience and confidence. You must be patient and confident that your plan is going to work. Similar to a game of chess you have to think two or three moves ahead. So lets see how we can make women chase you.

Before we go any further, however, I advise you to only use this method (playing hard to get) for women you want a relationship with. Make sure the girl you are doing this for is well worth it. Obviously this method is not worth it if all you are interested in is a one-night stand.

Make her chase you

Your first objective is to make yourself as desirable as possible. So the question is, what do women look for in a man? What causes a woman to chase a man? Below are several things that I believe women look for in a man when she first lays eyes on him.

Women love guys with style. They love a man who can dress well. So that should be your first objective: to dress the best way possible. It doesn't have to be the most expensive clothing in the world, but you should definitely look good in your clothes-your shoes especially.

Your hair should be somewhat in place and your beard should be groomed. You don't have to be a pretty boy, but you must present yourself well. The first impression is very important. Part of being a challenge is to get her to notice you initially.

The next thing to remember is to always be extremely confident in yourself. Show confidence in the way you walk. Not only will she notice how nicely you are dressed, she will see great confidence through your walk.

You should also believe in your ability to hold a great conversation. Engaging in a friendly conversation will instantly stimulate her mind. When you know how to talk to a woman properly she will want to be around you all day just to hear what you have got to say.

You must remember that you are playing hard to get. Do not directly ask her out when conversing with her. Just make nice conversation and flirt a little while you're at it.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to make sure you smell great, just incase a hug is given when you greet or when you say your goodbyes. Once she smells you, she will remember you for the rest of the day/night. Just incase you didn't know; smell is the strongest sense tied to memory.

So remember guys, dress well, be patient, be confident, and smell great.

Make her call you

The best way to see if a girl is interested in you is to give her your number after some friendly interaction. Casually say to her, "It was nice talking to you, Candice. Unfortunately, I have to go. Here's my number. If you are not too busy, maybe you can give me a call sometime."

Now you have got her thinking...

She is not quite sure if you like her because you did not directly asked her out, nor did you ask for her number; you were the one giving your number to her. Since she is so used to guys desperately begging for her number, you have put her in uncharted waters.

She will keep your number if she truly does like you and give you a call in the near future. Once you do get the phone call-and I know you will-you know that she is interested in you on some level… why else would she call you, right?

One thing to keep in mind is if the girl has not been on a date in a while, she will call you sooner rather than later. Otherwise, she will wait at least several days before calling.

So you may be asking yourself, "why would I give her my number? Why not take hers?" Well, when you play hard to get, you have to make her think a little. If you ask for her number and say that you want to go out with her in the future, she already knows that you like her and there is no challenge (she can have you anytime she chooses). While there is nothing wrong with this, the point of this article is to make women chase you. Leave her in suspense. Make her wonder if you like her or you are just willing to be friends.

Most girls will call you just to see if you actually like them (and that you don't want to be "just friends"). Girls just hate the idea of a guy being uninterested in them sexually. You have to make her think that she is losing a step. Women at times have very big egos and they will do anything to prove they can have any guy they want. So when they think that you are unattainable, that is when they want you even more.

Now even when she calls, you can't get too happy, you must still "pretend" to be a casual friend, while throwing in light flirtation remarks to keep her blushing. If she implies hanging out together, you should agree--but whatever you do, don't call it a date. Just say, "Ok, lets hang out and have fun. I think we will have a great time."

From this moment on, the ball is in your court. Not only has she called you, but she has also implied a date. That means she is into you.

Don't over do it

Now the key is not to over do "playing hard to get." When you hang out, for example, don't keep playing hard to get… you have done that part successfully already. That is why she called you in the first place, and that is why she is " just hanging out" with you. She needs to feel rewarded at some point or she will think you really don't like her. You have stimulated her mind, now stimulate her body.

Make her do the talking

When she talks, just listen carefully-just incase she asks you about it later. Show interest in what she is saying-even it is frivolous non-sense. Repeat anything that gets her emotional and that seems important to her. When you show that you care, she will appreciate your company that much more.

Guys, it's ok to talk as well. We want to beat them at their own game right? So when you get a chance, tell her some things about you and see if she pays attention. If she does, and she is gazing into your eyes, then guess what? She is all yours. Your job is done. It is not even "a real date" but you stimulated her mind and she loves being around you.

Wrapping things up

If you are patient enough, playing hard to get will allow you to date any woman you desire. This is because women like the mysterious guy… the one who is laid back, but not boring at all. Girls gravitate towards the rare, "too good to be true" confident and seemingly indestructible man; the one who seems like a catch. And that, my friend, is you.

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