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I agree the older you get the more difficult it is to think young and do young things. But if you want to be and act as young as you can you must first start by creating that thought in your mind everyday. And whatever you create in your mind will influence how your body responds to situations in your life too.

So the first thing you need to do is start becoming more conscious of the words you use in your conversations with others. And not only that become more conscious of your own inner conversations with yourself and the thoughts they generate. Don't talk old. Don't think old. I've even known some elderly people with serious diseases that don't even talk old or think old. These are the kind of people who usually get through each day with less difficulty.

Then you have those people who act and feel old and eventually become couch potatoes. Some of them even watch TV almost all day long. They may only leave the couch long enough to get something to eat. Getting more actively involved in some worthwhile chore or project is usually not on their agenda. You can bet the older you get the more important it is to become more active physically and mentally.

And maybe you should even be getting involved with people who are more positive minded and more up beat about life. This could involve spending less time with old friends who have become negative thinkers and inactive by now. You might think this is a tough choice to make but I guarantee it is best for you.

Not only should you be thinking of keeping your attitude and relationships geared to a younger environment but it's also important to keep your body as young as possible too. That means eating healthier foods. There are plenty of foods that prevent illnesses and diseases. You just need to become well informed about them. If you learn about those kinds of foods you probably won't need to take prescription drugs any longer.

Here's an activity my wife and I have enjoyed for several years now. Every Friday night in the summer in our hometown there are free concerts in the park. Local bands come and play 40's and 50's danceable music. Last year they installed a concrete slab especially for dancing. We have been among only a few who were interested in dancing. We have encouraged some of our friends to join us on the dance floor but to no avaiI.

Here are some of the comments we get, "Oh! We are getting too old for that" or "I don't think I know how to do it anymore." Here's the classic remark I've heard. "My mind tells me to go ahead and dance but my legs and feet say no,no,no" We hate it when the concerts are over for the summer because it's not only invigorating to dance but it's even refreshing to sit and listen to the music when we aren't dancing.

Several times this year we have been invited by our son and his wife to join them and their young friends in some activities. We have thoroughly enjoyed the activities with them and their friends. They accept us enthusiastically as part of their group. This is just another delightful way we have found to make our lives more exciting and youthful.

These are just a few examples of recipes you can use for instilling that youthful feeling once again in your aging body. Think about creating a more youthful agenda for yourself. These ideas will instill a more productive life instead of a dull and worthless one. Wake up folks! Start acting and talking young. You won't believe how much better you can feel and how much more you can accomplish by getting that young feeling once again


Sonny Julius is a retired sales supervisor. He encourages anyone who is not totally satisfied with their life to "take charge" and develop the ideal lifestyle they desire most. He did exactly that at the age of 44 years when he became dissatisfied with his life. He developed and used his 8-step formula to make a major career change. It is available for free to anyone wanting to improve their life. Just go to his website

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