Low Rate Bridging Loan: Looking for Money to Buy New Property?

by Eva Baldwyn - Date: 2007-06-20 - Word Count: 368 Share This!

If you are looking for an external finance in order to buy a new property before selling the old one at low rate of interest then low rate bridging loan is the only solution. Having ended with a good result, you have any how managed to search a property which seems to serve your purposes well. Moreover, you need to purchase the property without any delay or else someone might purchase it.

While applying Low rate bridging loan, it is important to note some of the features as it will be indeed helpful for the applicants. The first and foremost point, applicants should have to place collateral for the approval of the loan. The individual have to place collateral which carry a monetary value for example, land, estate, car, house etc. Moreover, the property which the applicants intend to purchase can also serve the purpose of collateral; as it is worthy. If the individuals place collateral having higher equity then they can enjoy the provision of borrowing more amount of money then margin. In low rate bridging loan, the reimbursement terms are designed for short duration which graces from 1-12 months from the approval date. Within the pre-determined date and time the borrowers will have to sell his old property and repay low rate bridging loan.

The burden of the low rate bridging loan is rationalized and made affordable for all the persons as the rates are low and reasonable. The interest rates are calculated on the principal amount, so borrowers can hardly feel the repayment burden. In the competitive market, you will come across lenders who advance low rate bridging loan at marginal rates.

Now-a-days every financial service is provided through online, which is same in the case of low bridging loan. An individual can apply by filling the online form for a fast approval of loan by providing personal and credit information precisely. All the advantages and provisions of low rate bridging loan are offered without following any sort of financial or racial discrimination, which indicates that persons having bad credit can also obtain low rate bridging loan. So, you are hardly few steps away from your new property if considered the low rate bridging loan.

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