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by TIFFANY HART - Date: 2009-06-30 - Word Count: 441 Share This!

Not every one can have the body of a supermodel or celebrity. Part of the reason, of course, is because we can't afford the surgery! Still, there are ways to modify your shape for certain outfits using undergarments.

You have a special occasion coming up, and a perfect dress for it. There is a problem, however. You've got a slight bit of bulge around your midsection and it is very evident when you wear the dress. You have a week till the event, so what can you do? Diet? Exercise? No, there isn't enough time. Instead, you could use a high waist brief to pull things together if you will. In fact, there are many different undergarments that can be used to modify different areas of the body.

Let's start with the high waist brief. What is it? It is similar to a full brief panty, but extends up the hips. It also fits snugger through this area. When you wear it, it will help minimize the "muffin top" problem all women can suffer from and create a sleeker, vertical line. If you are like most women and are not rail thin, this should be a mandatory part of your wardrobe.

Where do we store excess pounds? Every woman knows the answer - our thighs. It is an aggravating fact, but there is something you can do. Let me introduce you to the thigh slimmer. It is similar to a full brief panty, but comes with legs. They will not bind your legs, but the will create a tighter, snug fit that can make the thighs look significantly thinner for the outfit you are trying to put together.

The body slip represents a more global approach to shaping your body. The body slip has become so varied that trying to define it in one paragraph is pretty difficult. Some body slips are simply loose fitting slips that create a buffer between your body and clothes. Others, however, incorporate everything from waist modifying corsets to underwire bras to strapless variations that are perfect for that elegant one shoulder dress. You should take the time to give them a look and decide if they meet any of you needs. They usually do.

All of these undergarments can make a difference in your body shape. The changes will trend towards the subtle side, so don't expect a plastic surgery type of change. That being said, they can make the difference when you need to a particular outfit for an evening and they are a lot cheaper than plastic surgery!

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