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Envision this - 1000's of sweaty people are moving around like crazy waiting for that next song to drop, the strobe lights are generating incredible visuals every which way you look, the crowd are starting to get excited and then BANG, the lights/sound goes off!

What I have just described is the nightmare of any DJ, when equipment stops working. Whether you are starting to make a name for yourself in the DJ scene, or whether you're already established, mess ups like the previously can break your future. In my experiences of witnessing and talking with DJs, I have seen a few encounters and heard a few stories which somewhat resemble what I originally stated, and I can assure you the crowd is never sympathetic.

Most people assume that being the first DJ to play on any given night is a lot easier and you'll be less likely to mess up, but this is sometimes not the case. With so most buttons, switches, amps, lights and leads if the system doesn't start up, it can be very time consuming to figure out what is going wrong.

It 's not that uncommon situations like this to occur in the middle of a gig. Most DJ's love to party, and on some instances they can consume a little bit too much and accidentally knock out a cord and cut the sound out. Its things like these that can ultimately tarnish the entire vibe of the night. I have even seen one DJ have his intoxicated friend next to him who then fell forward, knocking all the equipment over and snapping it!

Most people don't understand that a DJ's job is more difficult than it appears. Most people are very reluctant dancers and it can take some effort getting them to move. If that process is messed around with, and you're left with a few minutes of silence, it can be safe to say you're not going to get the vibe back. As well as this, most times when something like this occurs it can tarnish the reputation of the DJ.

Most times technical faults can be put down to dumb mistakes such as the ones mentioned previously, but they can also come down to the quality of equipment you use. For this reason top quality equipment is a must, and often taking your own equipment to your gigs will minimise the potential devestating vibe killing silence.

I have heard stories from plenty of DJs where bad sets have been the result of broken equipment. Whether it be headphones, sub standard monitors or generally just old equipment. Its important that you invest in the best and take it with you if you want to spin with success.

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