Finding and Operating a Value-added Home-Based-Business

by Yvonne Finn - Date: 2007-02-06 - Word Count: 413 Share This!

Have you found yourself in the job market recently? If you have been at a long-term job and find yourself in the job market you maybe feeling a bit lost and bewildered by the new terminologies and attitudes that define the employment process.

Finding work or even being employed is not necessarily finding a job. Long gone are the days when you signed on the dotted line and had a job for life.

Contract, outsourced and just-in-time work is becoming the norm with companies, big and small.

How can income earners cope? Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!

Accept that things have changed and that they are not going to go back to the old ways. Make yourself as value-added as you can become, through life-long learning, a great positive attitude and effective networking in the area(s) that interests you.

Think of yourself as a one of a kind, high-end service or product and promote yourself with the attitude that you are a solution to the employer's problem(s).

Home-based opportunities are an ideal way to become an independent income earner and to avoid the pitfalls of being at the whim and fancy of today's employers who generally do not keep you employed longer than THEY need you.

Home based work has grown to such proportions that it almost mainstream. You can test your ability to work from home by offering your service part-time or start an online business which is not as time intensive as traditional business models.

Find a product or service that you are passionate about, health and wealthness, self-development, fashion, gardening etc. Learn as much as you can about your idea and decide how to share your knowledge, newsletter, brochure, seminars, online, offline etc.

Test your offer on your supportive family and friends and make the necessary adjustments that you get from their feedback. Repeat this process on a regular basis. A business, like us, is a living entity and must adapt, grow and change to be effective and productive.

A home-based-business is notjust for those who cannot find a job. It is increasingly a work choice, for those of us who recognize and accept that finding a job is not a secure way to earn an income.

Yvonne Finn is and has always been passionately active in her efforts to clean up and protect the environment. She seeks out products and service that are earth-friendly and environmentally protective, yet cost effective and efficient. See one of her latest finds here:

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