Sales is a Game of Chess

by Jessica Swanson - Date: 2008-04-14 - Word Count: 448 Share This!

Sales is very much like a game of chess!

First of all, think of it as FUN! That's right. Sales is just a fun game and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But, it's fun all the same.

There are certain moves and strategies that you need to learn in order to succeed.

You also need to pay close attention to your opponent (aka: prospect). You need to study them closely in order to assess what your next move will be.

Every single person has human needs that need to be filled. It is your job to zero in on what needs your prospect has. You then play your part accordingly.

The needs that most prospects have are:

- Money

- Security

- Status and Power

- Praise

- Personal growth and transformation

People buy benefits and solutions to their problems. So, if they are poor they want a way to be rich. If they feel that they have no control over their life, they want a way to feel in control.

Prospects don't want information; they want answers!

It is our job as salespeople to:

1) Find out their needs

2) Help them understand how we will fill their need

Unfortunately, most salespeople begin their sales conversations by inundating their prospect with all the wonderful features of their product or company. The salesperson tells the prospect that their product is the newest on the market. Or perhaps their product is the best value.

Believe it or not, People actually don't care about this. They don't care if the product is the best price if it doesn't solve their problems.

People care about how their life will change because of you and/or your product.

The features of your company should all be explained on the company website ' that is where your prospect should go to learn about your product.

The only conversation you should have with a prospect about the product facts are by answering their questions. Never start out your sales conversation by listing out all the wonderful things about your product.

Instead, start by asking questions! That is the most important job that you have.

You ask questions so that you can figure out their needs and problems. Unfortunately, most salespeople do not ask enough questions. They perhaps ask two or three questions and then move on into "presentation mode."

The second most important part of sales is to listen to their answers. You need to carefully hear what your prospect is saying. If you listen, your prospect will reveal an enormous amount of information to you.

Once you understand where they are coming from, you can then plan your strategy accordingly.

Remember, sales is much like a game of chess. Even though it can be fun, you need to practice and refine your moves until you become an expert!

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