I Only Smoke When I Drink

by Martin Popham - Date: 2006-12-15 - Word Count: 490 Share This!

This is something that you will hear all the time from so called "non-smokers." The fact is anyone who smokes at anytime is a smoker, period. If you want to stop smoking for good then you probably should avoid activities that make you want to smoke. For smokers and the aforementioned "non-smokers" drinking is a high risk activity in this endeavour. I am not saying that you need to quit drinking in order to quit smoking, but you probably need to avoid drinking and bars for the first couple of weeks. It is just way too easy to have a few beers at you favourite watering hole on Friday night after you first week of quitting and throw all of your hard work out the window.

It probably comes as no surprise to most of you that drinking lowers your inhibitions and by default lowers your resolve. Anything that accomplishes this is an added obstacle to stopping smoking and will lower your chances of success. In fact, I would bet that half of the people reading this article had their first cigarette while drinking. It's OK, that is typical and is exactly the way I started smoking. The point of this article is that drinking only hinders your efforts and should be avoided at the beginning. The last thing a person trying to quit needs is to put yourself in a position where it is easy to smoke and your judgment is impaired.

Giving up smoking is one of the most important and rewarding experiences a smoker can possibly accomplish in his or her lifetime. It means with almost certainty that your family will be able to talk to you and see you around for a lot longer. It means you will no longer be harming everyone you come into contact with after a smoke, as the chemicals on your clothes from tobacco smoke are passed on to everyone, including those little children or babies you pick up if you have a young family. It is a certain killer, and unless you do something NOW, it will one day be too late. Don't allow that day to arrive, stop smoking today.

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Remember, nobody wants to smoke, they ALL want to quit but are frightened of the struggle they expect when they try to quit. Ask any ex-smoker how they feel since they gave it up, and you will get all the proof you need that life is SO much better without tobacco. Quit Today, and Choose Life for Tomorrow.

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