Pascal to C# conversion

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Conversion is software re-engineering process. For using  that, you should
know both the languages. i.e. Pascal and C#.

Why  do we opt for Conversion Software ?:

1) For Better Technology

2) For Better Speed

3) For Modularity

4) For Process Optimization

1) For Better Technology :

As Pascal is very old language, some of the features are not available as
required for 3G Software like.-   User Interface, Client Server Architecture
etc.. And aAs C# is 3G Language, . bBetter GUI can be made easily.

2) For Better Speed. / Process Optimization

In Some applications, Pascal is more efficient and speedy than many 3G Languages.

Eg. File Manipulation Project. But Commercial Application can not be more
efficient in Pascal. Application having extensive use of DATABASE can not
be possible with Ppascal.

3) For Modularity :

Pascal is sequential language. It is not object oriented language. Variable
declared in any Units of C# can be made available in current unit by just
including that unit on the top of the file. wWhile in c# wWhole  pProject
is dDivided into Classes and hence wWithout  an oObject wWe can not access
variable declared in that class. C# have access specifier like Public, Private,
Protected while fFor Pascal all variables iare s Public and can be available
every where.  Reusability can not be possible up to that extent ds as it is
possible in c#.

What steps should be considered while using  conversion software re-engg.
Process ?:

1) Learning and Understanding Both Languages
( C# and Pascal )

2)  Data Type Mapping for both languages.

a. Match types of Variable in Pascal with
best match variable in c# ( eg . Integer in Pascal and int in c#).

b. Size of Variable.


-32768 to 32767


-2147483646 to 2147483647

3) Memory Management.

As Pointer is directly supported by Pascal., dDirect implementation of pointer
is not possible in c#.. As Pascal is using stack to store all the values of
variable but c# is storing all the values in stack and heap memory.

4) File Management

File manipulation of Pascal is more efficient than C#. aAs Pascal provides
direct support of sequential file access and random file access (through index).
In C# nNo direct namespace is available for such file management function.

 Another advantage of Pascal over c# is that structure (Record)
is more efficient with file manipulation. wWhile in c# Structure is just logical
bifurcation of Records.

 Another advantage of Pascal over c# is that it provides better
searching facilities in file with the help of Indexes. wWhile nNo such provision
is there in c#.

5) Value Truncation (Implicit Conversion and
Explicit Conversion)

We need to considered, Value truncation at the time of using Cconversion
Software of Re-Engg. Process..

Pascal to C# Journey:

(1) We have decoded all the lines of pascal code.

(2) We have prepared Algorithm and Flow Charts of Existing Pascal

(3) We have studied both languages and considered all Factors mentioned

(4) We have dDecided all general Functions , wWhich will be required
in c#

(5) We have developed Code Architecture and GUI Design.

(6) Started converting writing c# Code.


By Krunal Mevada

Krunal Mevada is working as a Jr. Programmer at Semaphore Infotech Pvt. Ltd, India. He has 4 months Experience. You can contact on email:

By Narendra Desai

Narendra Desai is working as a Programmer at Semaphore Infotech Pvt. Ltd, India. He has more than 1.5 years Experience. You can contact on email:

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