Dating, Taking It Easy When You Are Single in A City

by JOE DAVIDSON - Date: 2008-07-02 - Word Count: 507 Share This!

The moments are still fresh in my mind when I moved to Vancouver to discover that my girlfriend had been cheating me for six months. I had loved her for two years and had shifted there to stay with her. Life became topsy-turvy. Now I am having a tough time being single and living alone in this new city. I've really no idea what to do now, and I have cut all my ties back in Ontario.

There is nothing left with me in this city except a good job that pays me well. But, what's life if you are leading it all alone? I mean it really sucks when you are a single in a city and it sucks even more when you don't know anyone in the city. If I was in Toronto, I'd be hanging out with my friends at bar or club and meeting beautiful girls; but here I'm all by myself. But I feel I have to act smart and get an other way out to deal with my loneliness. Maybe, I can find some places out here where I can meet the other singles. Bars and club are not the place, I suppose, where you would like to hang out all alone.

My guess is that I need to try one of these online dating sites for singles and see what they have to offer to single like me. I am not sure about its positive outcome as I barely have any idea how they work and to worsen the situation I am hardly into the Internet. Under the present situation, I should think of something like choosing a good place such as bars or clubs where I can meet a lot of singles. But on a second thought I feel it is better to choose a safer place like the Internet and tying out on these free online dating sites to see if they work for me. This way I can save myself from having to go to bars where I can be perceived as a creepy pedo praying on 19 years old. If that doesn't work, maybe, I should go and explore the city and its surrounding towns as well. This place is with lots of mountains, trees and pretty nice breeze as well and I like this place. I am not in a hurry to remove this single tag off my life and take any hasty decision to end up with a unwanted consequence. But, I need someone single to talk to and share my feelings with. Well, as of now, I don't think I'm quite ready yet to get back into a relationship

Is there any other way you can suggest, to face the situation?

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