Could A Migraine Headache Be Linked To A Change In Seasons?

by Neil Day - Date: 2007-04-15 - Word Count: 414 Share This!

A migraine headache is one of the worst headaches a person can experience. They are debilitating as they do not just provide pain but is usually accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound and cause nausea. Most sufferers have to lie down in a darkened bedroom, with a wet cloth over their eyes until the migraine finally goes away. A migraine headache may last from hours to days.

The cause of the migraine headache is unknown, which is exceedingly frustrating. Also, not everyone will experience a migraine in the same way. Not even the same person will have a migraine headache the same way! My migraines occur in the Spring and Fall when the seasons change. Doctors do not know if the trigger is pollen, change of the amount of sunlight per day or change in stress level.

Thankfully I only get one migraine each season but the migraine headache is not the same each time. Some migraines are very bad and feel like someone is drilling all over my skull at once. Other times my head just feels like it is stuck in a vise. Sometimes I'll get an aura before the migraine headache starts. That at least gives me a warning so that I can get home and stop driving before it hits.

The migraine headache aura is something peculiar to the migraine headache. It is a visual disturbance that migraine sufferers will experience before the headache begins and may also occur during the rest of the headache.

I have experienced two types of aura with my migraines over the years. The aura will either be a large arch of vibrating red and blue small triangles that gradually appear and block out my vision in one eye, or it will be a hole of no vision over one eye. My left eye seems to be the one usually affected by the auras. As you can see, it is impossible to function normally with an aura that precursors a migraine headache.

After the migraine headache is over I am completely exhausted and feel ill. For those that have never had the misfortune to experience a migraine headache, it is very hard to explain the pain and recovery symptoms. It is like needing to recover from physical torture. Your body needs to recover and so does your mental state. I am lucky in that I only have a few migraine headaches a year. I really do not know how people can even live when they have several migraines a week!

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