For Home Decor, Try Wall Art Prints

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In order to make a smaller room look and feel bigger, many home interior decorators will use large wall art prints. These decorative prints could be of large flowers or wide open spaces such as a meadow but they do bring people into the space and open it up to make a small space bigger. The same could be said for a dull area of a room. A nice framed piece of artwork could change the entire look and feel of a room.

Not everyone can afford a large masterpiece and therefore they could turn to their children to create something unique and exciting to use as wall art prints. No one said wall art prints had to be sophisticated, just look nice. A print made from a child's drawing or colors is precious and will be the center of attention when people come to visit. A print or copy store would be able to duplicate the drawing or artwork and then blow it up to the size needed for a frame.

Another good place to look for wall art prints is in the family photo album or the latest round of pictures still hanging out in the camera. Photos do not cost that much to make into artwork for the wall and could showcase someone's talent as a photographer. There are all kinds of different photo opportunities that one could take advantage of and then find a good one to blow up for a large wall decoration.

Many of the photographs people enlarge for artwork on the walls are the ones that lend themselves to the black and white treatment. Sometimes the artist will leave one item in color for a more artistic look. For instance with children playing, they could have a kitten and have that in color and the rest of the photo in black and white.

Vacation photographs are also a great option for wall art prints. Sunsets over the ocean, children swinging on the rope swing over the lake or men fishing all have certain calmness to them and would be a welcome sight in a living room or TV area. If photography is not your thing, perhaps a couple of postcards would make nice wall art prints for any surface. Blow up four to a nice even size and arrange in a large square to represent one large photo.

In order to keep their grandparents and great-grandparents memories alive, many people will take their portraits and collage them as works of art for the wall. Old-fashioned photographs also liven up a room and bring the past into the present for all to enjoy.

A lot of people are mixing their media's and that means they are putting prints next to cloth or other items. There are specially designed frame or shadow box frames that can hold a photo or print and then a cloth item such as a dress or a hat in the case of a wedding or baseball game. This mixes the two items to join a flat item, the print, with a three-dimensional item for unique wall art prints.

A memory box or shadow box that contains a wedding dress, wedding flowers or a christening dress from a baby could be placed alongside a photo of wall art prints in order to liven up any room. Large wall art prints opens up a small room so that it looks bigger and a grouping of photos may make the room feel more inviting to people.

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