Stop Depression Before it Kills You!

by Jennifer Alinio - Date: 2007-04-17 - Word Count: 730 Share This!

Having trouble taking a rest lately? Worried of the piles of things to do at work? Feeling down and sad? Wait! You might be suffering from depression and might cost your life!
At the start of the 20th century, life has gradually become fast-paced life to most people. Everyone seems to have been preoccupied with having to earn some bucks to fill their coffers. To be busy has then become the order of the day. Very few however realize that as they try to make both ends meet in their everyday existence, they are unconsciously putting their lives at high risk. Many people are not aware that amidst all these daily loads, they are already beset with a serious health problem - depression.
As defined, depression is a mental illness marked by feelings of extreme sadness, hopelessness, and inadequacy. Most of these individuals often experience disturbed sleep and weight change.
Many people identify depression as "feeling sad for no reason", not motivated to do anything, feel tired after a light load of work, irritable and apathetic.
According to medical experts, depression has no single cause and the victim may not even have the idea why he was struck with it.
Not just a state of mind
The alarming effect of depression has prompted medical experts to conduct researches, to discover its cause and eventually chart solutions. Researches showed that the illness resulted from a combination of things but it is not just a state of mind as others believe. It is related to physical changes in the brain, and connected to an imbalance of a type of chemical that carries signals in your brain and nerves. These chemicals are called neurotransmitters.

- There have been some common factors pointed which involves depression. Studies revealed that genetics play an important part in depression. It can run in families for generations. Another factor is personal problems including financial, break up of a relationship or death of a loved one. Likewise, major life changes like graduation, marriage, staring a new job and the likes do cause depression.
- Serious medical conditions like heart disease, cancer and HIV also contribute to depression partly because of their physical weakness and stress these diseases bring. Doctors say depression can aggravate medical conditions since it weakens the immune system thereby making their resistance to pain lower. In some cases, patients in these serious conditions become depressed as an effect of prescribed medications.
- Other psychological disorders like schizophrenia, substance abuse, anxiety and eating disorders often appear along with depression. Experts also stressed that people who have low self esteem and pessimists are at higher risk of becoming depressed.
How to fight the illness
Once an individual notices the signs of depression, he is advised to seek professional help especially if the condition adversely affects his social functioning and daily activities like work. However, the sad thing remains- most people refuse to accept the idea that they are "sick" and that they need medical help.
This is true especially in men who may show the typical symptoms of depression, but are more likely to be angry and hostile. In their hostility, they simply resort to alcohol or drug abuse. Worst, in their refusal to seek outside help, they commit suicide and studies show that men are four times more likely to kill themselves than women because of depression.
As a person ages, the risk of being depressed is higher. This is explained by their physical conditions and because they become less active as they were younger.
Medical experts say treatment of depression varies depending on the cause. If the cause is physical like cancer or such other diseases, they are treated based on this aspect. If the cause is psychological, they usually undergo counseling and therapy.
However, whatever the cause may be, depression can be treated and more importantly, it can be prevented. But experts say the success of any treatment will depend on the patient's acceptance and early diagnosis.
But the simplest way to avoid depression, experts concluded, is for everyone to value relaxation. Make it a habit to take a few minutes break from the hassles of life and work and enjoy life to the fullest! Fight depression before it kills you!

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