Diesel Performance Chips- the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

by Nathan Young - Date: 2006-12-13 - Word Count: 384 Share This!

Diesel Performance Chips have evolved over the last decade or so that they have been in use, and have vastly gained popularity. The reason for their evolution and following is because the diesel performance chips are able to dramatically increase power and I mean dramatically. There are diesel performance chips that can increase power as much as 230 horse power and 400 foot pounds of torque. That is almost as much power as some of the diesel trucks come with bone stock. There are three ways that diesel performance chips are able to create power and improve economy.

The first way that I will discuss that the diesel performance chips are able to increase power and economy is through duration. Duration means that the injectors are held open longer so that more fuel can be injected into the cylinder. More fuel equals more power. Diesel performance chips that use duration are not a good choice for a fuel mileage gain, but it does create large amounts of power.

The second way is timing. Timing means that the fuel is injected earlier. Timing when used correctly also adds a great amount of power and adds to economy. The goal of timing on diesel performance chips is to get the fuel in the cylinder at a more efficient time. If that is accomplished then more power is extracted from each molecule of fuel.

The third way that diesel performance chips increase power and economy is through pressure. Pressure means that the fuel rails line pressure is increased, so more fuel is injected which creates more power, but at the same time having more pressure to the fuel when it gets to the injector helps it to create a finer mist or atomize as the fuel exits the several little holes in the injector tip. This improved atomization also helps the fuel to mix better with the air that enters the cylinder and is able to extract more power out of the fuel.

Many of the diesel performance chips, modules, boxes, tuners, and the like use a combination of two of these techniques, and some use all of them. So essentially by adding more fuel and improving the way the engine burns the fuel and especially the increased amount of fuel, the diesel performance chips can dramatically increase power and economy.

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Diesel Performance Chips are your basic entry level Diesel Performance upgrade- Nathan Young

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