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Promoting your website on the Internet used to be all about marketing by email. This was a very cost effective promotional medium and reigned supreme for many years. But as things and people progressed it was pushed beyond its useful boundaries and the result was spam. In fact it rose to such an extent that ruling bodies around the globe actually passed legislation outlawing many forms of email marketing and the businesses behind it. In so much as they almost killed it off completely.

After email marketing we had adwords and various other pay per click systems. No doubt very effective at first. Paid advertising campaigns can get very costly. Certainly you get visits and the method can work very well but its nowhere near perfect.

Pay per click advertising can quite easily cost you far more than you can possibly make if the business or the ebook you are advertising costs a relatively small amount. Even more so when we see top keyword bids going beyond the one hundred dollar mark per click.

Then we witnessed the birth of list compiling and permission based emailing and each website you go to requires your email address before you can look at what they have to offer. After which you get bombarded with emails advertising everything from penis enlargement to scams. This is no more than a new method of email spam but it's permission based. Hence the term op tin. Excellent if your website is built in a way as to capture or copy personal information from the surfers and you've got hardcore porn to promote but you have to get the surfers first or you won't enrole them to receive your product.

So how do we do this without using spam ,adwords or the latest advertising wave adsense.

What we all need is to get your website viewed. Either by using the systems outlined prior or perhaps with SEO. Search Engine Optimization isn't a viable choice for most people purely because it has become blatantly obvious that the quickest way to push your site into the top search engine results is to chuck unlimited quantities of money at it to bring in the all important links.

As for links. Not so far back when it was universally accepted that arranging reciprocal links with sites which complimented yours was the way forward, but recently with the growth of adsense this is being cast aside also.

Adsense is just another method of adwords only now instead of just finding it on the side of your Google search you find it on virtually every website you visit. This isn't economical promoting due to the connection to adwords so where does that leave us and what does the future hold.

The Internet is renowned for its inventive approach to any and all obstacles that are placed in its way and promoting your site without breaking the bank is just another minor gliche.

Now we witness the rise of the Search Sub Engine a fresh innovation thats poised to move free business advertising online to a higher. Using the Search Sub Engine you can list your affiliate scheme for weeks for free and as this new system grows it will no doubt nibble away at the promotional business currently dominated by the search engines. Search Sub Engines promise to be adsense free and external advertisement free which will not put any diversions under the noses of the surfer. This should get them directly to your business without any diversions. Search Sub Engines also move your listing to enable everyone to have the chance to reach that all important top result and pull in those profits which appears to be far more than we have been offered in the past.

Seems like a great idea along with a fantastic way to advertise for free and so not breaking the bank. Here's hoping it succeeds and if it does, that they don't go down the same road as all the others by becoming greedy.

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