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Columbus Ohio is a great community. It's hard to imagine it living here for a while, but folks actually do visit us from other states! Columbus has gone through a lot of change in the past 10 years and continues to mature. The diverse small business niches and the great lifestyle here are also a satisfying byproduct of that same growth.
Music session studios are also popping up everywhere too. Some are beneficial and others are possibly not. Choosing the right teacher and studio can mean the difference between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars spent on finding out what you need.
Today we will talk over a few of the types instructors that you should avoid, and a little about why you don't need them.
Problem #1: Many music teachers tend to base their assistance around a simple, very non-technically inclined knowledge base. This makes it daunting (if not impossible) for the student to feel that they are getting evenness in their lessons. Learn a riff, then some random chords, then something else
Solution #1: There should be a framework or a plan in place to get the student from point A to point B in tact and fully becoming acutely aware of the material. If your teacher isn't tieing it altogether together for you on any level, it might be time to draw the pin.
Problem #2: Non-Effective payment methods. Many instructors take cash only, money orders only, and tend not to provide you with clear records an how much you paid them. Whether it be last week or last year. Last year? It would be nice for most people to be able to just get on the PC and make the payment for lessons without the paper hassle of checks. An online cart is a must for any music studio.
Solution #2: Make sure the studio you are working with provides you with a selection of payment options, affiliate alternatives (to help offset the cost of your own lessons), and a user balance where all of your transactions are kept in neat order for you to preview online anytime 24/7/365.
Problem #3: Life is crazy sometimes (okay, well..all the time now). Sometimes things just get so busy it's hard to remember what time your lessons were. Most studios can count on you forgetting so they can pocket your hard earned dough. After all, forfeiting all those 50 dollar lessons per week can add up quick!
Solution #3: Find a studio in town that offers email or text reminders that allow for you to receive a little "tap on the shoulder" a couple days before and the day of so you absolutely know what day and time, address, phone number and so on. Technology is out there. Most studios should be using it...and aren't.
Summary: The 3 things above are just a small part of the overall picture into finding the right studio but are a good start.

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