Facts About Suicide And Self Harm

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People of all ages and from all walks of life die by suicide each year. Suicide in children and young people is increasing. Children can feel overwhelmed and helpless when under stress. They may have encountered difficulties at home or school and may think that suicide is the only solution. Depression is a major risk factor for suicide, although not everyone who attempts suicide is depressed.

An increasing number of children are also engaging in self-harming behaviour. Self harming occurs when someone deliberately hurts or injures themselves by cutting, hitting or burning oneself, overdosing and self-poisoning, taking illegal drugs and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Self-harm is often a way of dealing with difficult feelings about a problem or situation. Children who self-harm may feel more in control and relieved from the tension they feel. Self-harm may also be a way of punishing oneself for something that is shameful and to cope with feelings of guilt.

Suicide and self-harm are often the result of an argument with a parent or a close friend. It is also the result of abuse, neglect and rejection. Anyone struggling to cope with these difficulties is in need of support. Self-harming is often kept secret even from family and friends. For example, someone may refuse to wear short sleeves to hide their scars from others. It is therefore important that when difficulties arise or changes occur in the home or school, friends, parents and teachers observe any changes in the child's behaviour, such as becoming withdrawn or aggressive towards others.

There are many ways of getting help. Simply talking to someone you trust and who you feel understands may help alleviate some of the burden. It can also make it easier to find practical solutions to your problems. Keeping active and engaging in enjoyable activities is also a way of relieving frustrations and a good way of meeting people who may be able to assist and support with your problems. It is very important to remember that you are not alone.

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Feelings of despair and isolation can sometimes lead to people thinking of commiting Suicide. If you feel that you can cause Self Harm to yourself then its never to late to talk to someone and get support.

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