How Olympic 'Quick Twitch' Muscle Training Can Turn Any Player Into A Power Hitter

by Samuel Nimmo - Date: 2006-12-17 - Word Count: 321 Share This!

Baseball coaches and hitting instructors from the youth to the professional level testify that Olympic 'quick twitch' muscle training dramatically improves any player's visual acuity to become a consistent power hitter on their baseball or softball team. "Olympic 'quick twitch' muscle training conditions any baseball or softball player to have a longer reaction time to hit nearly any pitch thrown to them, regardless of their hitting ability. Unfortunately, traditional batting instruction fails to address how to strengthen and develop the 'quick twitch' muscle movement in players," says Joe Magno, a leading expert on batting instruction. "Most batting drills leave this component out, preventing players to fully reach their true hitting potential."

Testimonials from baseball and softball coaches alike have shown that this type of training has caused their players to hit outfield line drives much more frequently during games, besides drastically reducing their strike outs, pop-ups and grounding out. Olympic 'quick twitch' training has been used for years to develop the muscle quickness and speed in many Olympic athletes. Even boxers use this type of training to effectively prepare for a fight. Only recently has this type of training been used by baseball and softball coaches and parents to dramatically improve the visual acuity in their players and kids to be consistent power hitters.

Coach Magno has helped countless players from youth league to the professional level more than double their batting average as a result of using this training. "Having sharp visual acuity to see any pitch with longer reaction time is what will turn any mediocre batter into a power hitter that gets a base hit nearly every time up at bat. I've helped numerous players who struggled with too many strike outs, low batting averages, and slumps change into consistent power hitters within days. This type of training is absolutely changing the way proper batting instruction is taught." To find out all about this proven strategy please go to

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