The Gatherings of Mythical Creatures

by Joanne Hale - Date: 2007-01-26 - Word Count: 320 Share This!

The mythical creatures all met one night
When the moon was full, big and bright
Gathered together - united as one
The creatures amassed to share in some fun.
The kingdom was alive - haunting and misty
Enchanted it was - magical and wispy.
Two unicorns stood up high on a cliff-edge
And a family of dragons flew, circling a ledge.
A solitary faun pawed at the ground
Watched by the angels, all standing around.
Centaurs were playing with griffins and gnomes
Hopscotch, marbles and colouring rune stones.
The flames were glowing, hot in the fire
Crackling sticks burned fast in the pyre
A wizard threw in some mystical powder
Which made the fire sparks sound even louder
A coven of witches met up with some others
Generations of daughters, sisters and mothers.
A lute sound filled all creatures' ears
With such beautiful music - passed down through the years
From one elf to another - like heirlooms of gold
The riches of sounds brought to young and old.
The goblins, in particular, favoured it much
It tickled their whiskers, ears and such.
Late to arrive, was a coach full of fairies
They had not long finished the collecting of berries
To store for their suppers, for the next few days
Delicious, those berries, cooked in so many ways.
The imps love them too and so do the pixies
In pies, tarts and flans - but best in soup mixes.
Daybreak draws near and the creatures are weary
Playing all night, making many eyes bleary
In a few more hours, humans will be about
The creatures must not be seen, there's no doubt
Most people cannot see them, too ignorant, it's told
Yet there are a few, who have insight, so bold
And maybe, one day, the creatures will appear
To a select few, that the creatures don't fear
But, 'til that day, the twilight meetings go on
Secretly - monthly, until the full moon has gone.

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I have a really good imagination, which can sometimes be a hindrance, but it is what helps me with inspiration to write my poetry, which I do as a form of relaxation and to give pleasure to others that read it. I write about everyday occurrences and events that have either happened to me or to others. I write about everyday occurrences and events that have either happened to me or to others. I had my first poem published in a magazine when I was 10 years old.

I have been writing poetry for many years and regularly have it published in print. My poetry is published by Forward Press and in many other publications. So I'm now putting my poetry online, my home page is I also publish my poetry on my Blog jo-hale-poetry at and on My poetry on I'm married and my husband's name is Peter.

I have a Lulu e-book at

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