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So what is VoIP? Internet telephony is a rapidly-growing phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing down. Keep reading and you will find out all you need to know about VoIP. Look at how this innovative technology has led to a revolution in the way that many businesses and home users are choosing to make telephone calls.

A VoIP phone allows real-time communication through the Internet. It can digitise the sound of a human voice so that it can be routed through the net. The development of this technology began way back in the early 1980's when developers were looking for ways to communicate with each other via their machines. The technology was then adapted by the some technologically savvy sections of the business community who used data networks to route voice traffic.

However it is the growth of low-cost broadband Internet access that has really fuelled the spread of Internet telephony and brought it into the mainstream. Anyone with a high-speed Internet connection can now use VoIP technology to make what seem to be very cheap calls .

In addition to these cost savings that a VoIP connection offers, there are other factors that make this technology so attractive to users. The versatility and flexibility of VoIP are examples of this. The software is location independent. So it is possible to relocate your home or business without having to change your phone number. With a USB VoIP phone you are able to make and receive calls on a laptop whilst away from your desk or use a wireless VoIP handset for calls in a public hotspot.

Ease of use is another reason that people have been attracted to VoIP. Users can often be put off from using new technology if they find that it looks difficult to use. This issue has been addressed by the developers and the era when Internet telephony was the domain of the geek is long past. Nowadays all anyone who wants to make a call has to do is pick up and dial. It really is as simple as that.

There are now a wide range of VoIP services available that would suit both business and home users. New services are being made available by service providers as the market continues to grow. As things stand VoIP stands alongside the traditional telephone network for reach and in many ways outshines it for versatility. Internet telephony looks set to continue to be one of the fastest-growing applications on the Net.

I hope that this article has given an insight into VoIP technology and the reasons why it is replacing the traditional telephone line in many offices and homes. Want to join the Internet telephony revolution? It's your call!

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