How To Maintain Good Hygiene With Contact Lenses

by Jonathan M Welch - Date: 2010-10-21 - Word Count: 360 Share This!

Most users of contact lenses fall into the trouble of not cleaning their hands sufficiently before applying them to their eyes. It may seem like a simple enough task, but many just forget that they had handled some food or dust moments before they handled their lenses. What are some basic habits you should get into before you do any damage to the lens, and ultimately your eyes?

The general rule to apply here is to always wash your hands. Even if they feel clean, make it a habit to give them a quick wash, and dry them, before you even come close to your contacts. After driving, your hands may be dirty simply from handling the steering wheel. If you have opened any doors when you could have germs from touching the door handles. The rule here is to just assume your hands are dirty even if you cannot remember what you have touched.

To clean your contact lenses, firstly hold them up against a black background, to see if there are any deposits to be found on the inside of the lens. It may be difficult to see, but if you see any small bumps then it will most likely cause some uncomfortable feeling when you put them in. To fix this, place a drop of saline solution on the inside the lens, and place the whole lens on your palm. Then using an index finger, give the inside of the lens a good wipe for 5 seconds.

After you wipe it, then place another few drops of solution into it, and give the lens a good rinse. You will find that the lenses will be a lot more comfortable if there is nothing between the lens and your eye. If you have accidentally damaged them, like causing a slight crack in the lens, or have deposits on them if you slept in them overnight, then it is best to throw them out and start with a fresh pair or lenses. The risks associated with dirty lens, or damaged lens are not worth the cost of savings if you were to keep wearing them for an extended amount of time.

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