From Hardcopy Books to Digital Ebooks

by Qasim Irshad - Date: 2007-01-14 - Word Count: 279 Share This!

You don’t have enough time to go and buy the original book of any of your

favorite authors or if you are willing to use that money on some thing else, well

no problem for that you can get books free of cost from the technology called


E-books a.k.a Electronic Books are not new actually they are on the internet

for quite a while. The Wikipedia describes e-books as a digital counterpart

of conventional books. It also explains various formats of e-books like image,

text, html, CHM, PDF etc.

In my opinion in near future, with the advent of technology students will not

be carrying tons of books with them for their schools but only a PDA or a laptop

on which hundreds of e-books will be saved and same as for teachers. Similarly

the libraries would be keeping their books in digital format and saving lots

of space and money.

These e-books costs very low and some of the website are providing it free


Here you can get good resource of e-books in more than 50 categories. You can

search for books either by author; publish date, recently added, popular e-books,

by cover gallery etc. Yes you can download and do whatever you want with these

book read, print and distribute to your friends.

Well the technology is making life easier for us, this will certainly change

the mind of conventional books lover and they will switch to digital medium

and continue their hobby.

For now you are equipped with a good website and this will help you finding

the right book to read on your desktop computer, laptop, PDA or cell phones while

at office, home or vacation.

Enjoy Reading!!

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Qasim Irshad

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