Five Points on Life Dated 22.10.2008

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-10-26 - Word Count: 553 Share This!

   Five points on life dated  22.10.2008

(1)            It is an old saying that most of us shall be regretting in our old age and we shall be saying to others that we could have done this think and we could have achieved that thing, but because of this and that we could not achieve our wishes and desires.  Therefore, we should keep this old age in our mind because most of us shall be passing through this old age and most of us shall be repenting on one thing or the other.  And we must try to achieve what is in our mind and if we fail, even then we shall be satisfied that we had done what we could do and if we failed, that could have been our luck.  In this way we shall be lessoning the number of our repentances in old life.

(2)            We must keep good health and specially, we should start keeping watch on our health when we have completed four decades of our life.  From this age decay starts and therefore, we must be cautious.  We must regulate our life from this age and must keep in our mind that none shall be taking care of us if we are incapable of attending to ourselves.  Those days of old age must be kept in mind and we must try to arrange that we shall be all functioning till our death and we shall not need help of others.

(3)            We must know that this family is the first unit of society and for us this is the source of our strength and happiness.  If one member in the family is ill, could not space with the family, is suffering or is not maintaining good relations with us, we shall be a disturbed person.  Therefore, it should be our duty to have good relations with all the members in the family and at the same time we should look after them and we must see that they are going on well with all the members in the family.

(4)            We must have watch on all activities in the house of in laws of our daughters because if she is not happy, we shall not be enjoying life and we too shall be in trouble.  Therefore, we should never ignore our daughter and we must take her as part and parcel of our life and this family unit.  We must see that she is happy and is going on well in that house and therefore, we must create very good relations with our sons in law and also people from their houses so that they may be feeling near to us and must be keeping our daughter happy. Your daughter is part of you and you cannot ignore her existence when she is married and is living in another house. 

The small child gives you pleasure to day, but if you keep him illiterate, untrained and do not adjust him at work, one day this child shall be bringing all the troubles for you and you would be suffering and shall be repenting that you did not care for this child.  Therefore, when a child has come in your house, you all in the house must start thinking on his future and must join in planning

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