A Common But Rare Christmas Gift Idea  Customized Bobblehead

by Kevin colin - Date: 2008-11-25 - Word Count: 306 Share This!

Bobblehead dolls have been around with us for a long time. Now this product has been transformed into the latest Christmas gift idea on the Internet. This has been achieved by customization of bobblehead dolls. One can add the image or picture of ones choice and also a personal message can be added on the dolls.

Heres how this latest Christmas gift idea works. Just go online and order your dolls. For each doll, you can either upload the picture of your choice or you can add a generic doll like Santa or Lord Jesus or Virgin Mary. Also, you can add a different message of your choice on each of these dolls.

The personal touch is great. This is precisely what is missing when you gift expensive items like iPhones or Blackberries or Wii game sets. Just consider these examples. My best friend became a dad this year. So, I have ordered a doll with the picture of his kid and the message This is for the three of you! For my little daughter, I have ordered a bobblehead doll with Santas face and a message that says, Rachel, Santa loves you so much! Her face will light up when she sees that Santa left her a doll of himself with a personal message for her.

The beauty of these dolls is that they dont cost much. One also gets the convenience of shopping from home and the gifts are delivered within two weeks to your home. You can be sure that you will be remembered for a long time since the bobblehead dolls are placed close to the person  in cars, on the desks or in the living rooms. The personal touch will make sure that your gifts are appreciated more than the others. A simple and brilliant way, indeed, of saying that you care.

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