Offshore Wind Farms

by James Bratley - Date: 2007-02-27 - Word Count: 348 Share This!

Offshore wind farms are becoming an increasingly popular idea, right across the world. This is down number of factors that all contribute to the argument of constructing wind turbines out at sea.

Until the idea of placing turbines out at sea came along, the placement of wind turbines was usually decided upon by a locations average annual wind speed. The disadvantage of this method of deciding where to construct turbines, rests upon the fact that where there is a high wind speed on land, there could very well be houses or businesses nearby.

Most people agree that wind turbines are a very sustainable and cost effective method of generate renewable energy, yet a large amount of people who think that, wouldn't take too kindly to a large wind turbine or wind farm been placed within half a mile of their home.

Wind turbines are described to sound like jet engines, and when you get close to one, you can really make out this comparison. This is a huge problem when developers request planning permission, and usually village and/or town meetings will be held, followed by petitions of large numbers against the development.

So, wind turbines placed out at sea currently seem like a very good option, as the wind is quite constant, of a significant energy, and no-one is around to hear the output of noise. The main problem associated with this development method is the dangers and technological skill needed to construct large turbines in the seas.

Many more countries are turning to the idea of building wind turbines out to sea, in a bid to generate more natural energy. This idea is especially welcomed by smaller countries who want to save land space while still allowing power industries to develop.

Offshore wind farms are set to play a very significant part in the future of our society, along with other renewable energy technologies such as solar panels, and especially geothermal energy. If you want to do something good for your environment, why not go small scale, and just implement one of the technologies to give a boost to your home electricity supply.

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