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Internet craze seems to be catching on in India . From a low internet user base of about 1.4million in 1998, over 40 million users used the net in 2006 (source - has resulted in lot of activity in this space and lot of potential is seen .As a result lot of new generation entrepreneurs from diverse industries are coming up with different kind of portals to provide solutions related to India and Indians.

Indiashomepage( - Gateway to India - is one such portal which has come up in late 2006.. This portal was initially inspired by the success of the Milliondollarhomepage( . Milliondollarhomepage was a pixel advertising website created by a college student in UK, where million pixels were sold for USD 1 /- each and it became famous worldwide. There was lots of copies of the same around the world to cash in on the easy money making oppurtunity. However, the concept though new, did not provide any specific benefits to the visitors or the advertisers(except in case of traffic due to news) .

Sandeep, who had left his Vice- President post with Malwa Industries(Oswals ) - a Textiles Group - to start on his own was attracted by the internet phenomenon and came across the news on Milliondollarhomepage. He , alongwith his wife Dimple , decided that they would take it as a challenge to improve upon the Pixel concept and make it useful and longlasting.

Indiashomepage was thus created where companies were listed in a very unique way on a single page to enhance user friendliness. What started only as a pixel site, turned into a much bigger portal on different industries in India. The development of the site was solely directed with the purpose of providing a unique and userfriendly experience to the Indians.The site , within 3 months of its launch, could come in Top 100,000 sites of the world on Alexa - the premier ranking portal.(

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Sandeep is an MBA who has worked for over 14 years in the Textile Industry in India. He has now launched his portal - to provide free information to users around the world on Indian companies and Industries. Your Article Search Directory : Find in Articles

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