How To Keep Your Baby Safe With The Right Evenflo Convertible Car Seat

by Sonny Wemult - Date: 2010-06-14 - Word Count: 519 Share This!

Are you worrying about the safety of your little one, worrying about the type of car seat which will be the best for your child? Here's the new Evenflo Convertible Car Seat which will ensure the complete security of your baby.

The car boasts of the best security that can be provided for your baby. The convertible type of the car seat is an extremely beneficial one as you can use it for your newborn child till the time comes when he gets older enough to use the car seat forward. The entire hassle of choosing the proper car seat for your infant and worrying about the safety of your child will not exist any more. Once you bring home the new Evenflo Convertible Car Seat you have no need to think about buying a new car seat for your little one once he grows up. This car seat comes with a unique feature which enables the car seat to be used rearwards for newborns and backwards for slightly older children. Not only is this economical, but it also ensures a long term safety and security for your child.

Though it may be priced a bit higher than the regular car seat but in the end it proves to be cost effective as it saves you from the harassment of buying two car seats for your kid. The Evenflo car fits in all the safety rules and regulations laid down by the law for the safety of both your child and car. This convertible car seat is quite well known for being extremely safe for your kids. Once you know that the car seat is completely safe for your child the slightly higher price of the car seat will not matter any more. After all does anyone ever question the cost for the safety of our precious ones?

The new Evenflo convertible seat is the best option for your child ; as not only does it provide the maximum security but also the maximum advantage to you in terms of money and security and the comfort of your child. The wonderfully padded seats provide maximum comfort to your little one and ensure that he is securely held under all circumstances.

The New Evenflo Convertible Car seat comes with the advantage of a 5 point harness system. Along with this it is also aided with a 2 position reclining which gives the baby maximum comfortability by allowing the baby to recline into a comfortable position. With a user friendly buckle release, this car seat gives comfort to you and your child.

The Convertible model of the car can take the weight of a child up to 30 pounds in the rear facing and 40 pounds in the forward facing position. The cloth pads that are used in the car seat are washable and removable and thus easy to handle. The special EPS foam used is also a great energy absorbent and hence ideal for the safety of your child.

Thus, It would not be wrong to draw the conclusion that The Evenflo Convertible Car Seat is the best you could buy for your child.

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