Two Poems: Never to Return (Lost Children) & The Sot

by Dennis Siluk - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 320 Share This!

Never to Return

(Dedicated to the Ugly Children)) you know who you are))

See, they never return;

Ah, see the grown children, marching on,

Slow they go, uncertain where, thus, they weave!

See, they never return,

Only one, and one is enough I fear,

It is like being half-awaken; as if the rain

Heard the wind murmur, and turned back half way.

Now the children are gods of their own-

Gods with no shoes!

They think with them, the golden crowns

Will never tarnish, it does, while no one notices,

I think it's the air.

1-19-2007 #1627 Inspired by Ezra Pound

Notes: There are ugly children you know (out there), those that despise their family. If they can do that, what can't they do? They are in Peru, where I am now, writing this poem, and they are in the USA, and all over; if you cannot respect, or love your family, who then is worthy of your great love? I'd prefer to stay away from you, if I was them, and me. Too often children think nowadays, it is all owed to them, lock-stock and barrow-unconditional love included; and usually it is them wanting the giving, since love is often such a cup of tea. When a hardship comes they see only self-interest. Mothers and the fathers, and the grandparents go to their grave wondering why they couldn't show a little more something, anything. And when they come to their senses (if they ever do), it is usually too late, and to be honest, in most cases, perhaps better for the parents, had they begged them for their companionship, they'd have been dead of a heart attack perhaps sooner; thus, they'd be better as I was going to say, to let go, and go on living. Funny, when the children see this, it's another something they can't stand, another point of contention.

The Sot

My Grandfather, a hard working man

In the old days;

He married a sot,

Who always went drunkenly about!

'Til he flushed- Her down the toilet.

#1628 1/20/2007

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