Think Samsung 27 Hdtv When You Think Affordable

by Dean Iggo - Date: 2007-04-18 - Word Count: 362 Share This!

The Samsung 27 HDTV is very affordable. When most people think of HDTV, the first thing that happens is they see dollar signs spinning like a casino slot machine. So many of the top HD sets out there cost thousands of dollars and are steeped in a kind of almost mystical technology that the average person doesn't understand. But HDTV doesn't have to break the bank, or the mind. This Samsung 27 HDTV is a great example of that.

The Samsung Tantus TXN2798HF 27" HD-Ready TV with DynaFlat Screen is one of the top sets on the market. And the price is the best part. is currently selling this very model for only $355.00.

Taking a closer look at this great set, it comes with a full 27 inch HDTV screen that works with both the 480p and 1080i formats. It comes with DVI input so that you can use a DTV receiver if you want. The set measures out at 27 inches wide, 24 inches high and 21 inches deep.

The trademark Samsung Dynaflat HD screen is used with this model and it shows. Even though this is an old fashioned CRT-style set, the display looks great and it essentially flat, not curved like an old style set.

The computer chipset inside this set is the Pro Chip Plus, which changes over normal analog TV signals and shows them at a higher quality. While it can't make analogue signals look like HDTV, it can make them look better than they would on your old television.

This set puts out some top quality sound, as well. There is a pair of 10-watt speakers plus a hefty 25-watt subwoofer for that natural bass sound that all good sets need.

Last but not least, there is a great picture in picture feature that can be huge when you're trying to follow two ballgames at once.

If you're looking for a great HD-ready set that doesn't break the bank but still gives you your monies worth, you could do a lot worse than this Samsung 27 HDTV. This set is proof you don't need to take a second mortgage to have a great HD experience at home.

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