Do You Want Cable or Satellite TV?

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You see all the comparisons on TV or online. Cable's better. Satellite's better. Which is it?

Some of that depends on what you need. Are you after the best channel selection, the best reception, the best combination of the two? Do you want high speed internet? How fast? Do you want to combine all your services into a single package or is getting bills from multiple companies just fine.

Which one works best for you depends on where you live too. Different areas will get different cable packages. Many channels will be available nationwide, of course, just as your local channels will generally only be available locally. These days you should easily be able to get your local channels on both cable and satellite, so this is rarely a consideration.

Your need for digital reception and/or HDTV also matters. If you want these features, take a look at what you can get with the companies you are considering.

The number of televisions you want to watch shows on makes a difference too. This often increases with satellite television, but may not with cable. However, if you get digital or HDTV service you may need more receivers even with cable.

Your local cable company may or may not offer high speed internet access. However, if it is offered it is likely to be faster than satellite broadband service.

You can even get your telephone service combined into what you order. Combining your services can save you quite a bit of money, so it can be very worthwhile.

Satellite TV can on occasion have reception problems If your satellite dish is set up correctly this problem should be minimal, even in poor weather.

Don't assume that because you're renting you can't have a satellite dish installed. Also don't assume that your homeowner's association when you own a home can tell you no satellite dishes. In either case, they are not allowed to tell you that you can't have a satellite dish. In the particular case of renting, the one requirement is that you have an appropriate, exclusive use area, such as a deck or patio, on which the dish can be installed.

I can't tell you for certain which is the best solution for you. The best thing you can do is compare the companies and consider your particular needs. The solution will depend on your own preferences. Take the time to do your research, particularly in the matter of how much it will really cost you.

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