Hair Beauty Maintenance Tips

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Chemically treated hair needs more after treatment to keep the beauty of hair stands longer. However that is the point of our treating hair such as smoothing, curling or coloring. If we do not treat hair in a good way, three months after chemical treatment, the beauty of a saloon treated hair will vanish.

You can choose your hair shine maintenance between saloon treatments or at home-do it yourself treatment. For at home treatment, you must choose your own suitable product-product that is able to keep your hair healthy and shiny but not giving your scalp dandruff and allergy.

Hair shafts treatment need hair conditioner and hair masker. Both are not to be applied in scalp otherwise you will have dirty scalp because both are difficult to rinse off the scalp. Dirty scalp can lead to bigger problems such as dandruff and hair loss. Be careful!

Try these tips: -Leave in conditioner works best in chemically treated hair to make the hair looks shinny and smooth

-Use small amount of leave in conditioner to avoid dampness. Wait 5 to 10 minutes before combing to get best result. That enables you to get smooth hair only with a small amount of leave in hair conditioner, prevents from damp hair in the next hours after the hair gets dry, and avoid applying too much leave in hair conditioner.

-Hair masker is a great product if we use it just once a week to improved hair shafts condition.

-Using hair masker as a hair conditioner tend to cause dandruff and itchy scalp if you did not wash your hair carefully.

-Recommended treatment after shampooing use leave in conditioner. It can be done daily. Hair mask is done once a week. When you have hair mask treatment, you dint need to apply conditioner.

-Applying conditioner before shampooing in hair shafts can reduce frizz ness. Hair conditioner can be replace by olive oil. Try to change your hair shampoo to a mild shampoo if you cannot even run you finger through your wet hair. It works for some people and me.

Good-looking hair is still possible to create with simple hair treatment.

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