A Developing Body Being Wasted On The Couch

by Sphephile Peppy Sibanyoni - Date: 2007-05-23 - Word Count: 507 Share This!

Many children are facing the dangers of being obesity victims, and this is a serious and worrying issue, which happens not only to affect responsible parents but also the whole world. Children's Physical Fitness centres are hardly occupied and some seem to be abandoned.

Our children have become couch victims. The couch can implement many medical complications in a child's life, like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnoea.

The only way that can help parents to tackle obesity from affecting their children, is to be good role models.

Be a good role model

To make sure that your child exercises and eats healthy, you should be a good role model. Provide yourchild with a healthy lifestyle that can help him model his own life against.

Participate with your child, when it comes to physical fitness. Always be there and be motivational. It is always great as a parent to see your child being enthusiastic about something that will implement good results in his life. Make the physical fitness real fun and interesting.

Time Table

Make a timetable for different days. On each day, have different physical fitness exercises, this can help stop the child from being bored. Patience is the key in such commitments because it can take a while for the child to cope with different physical fitness routines. It is much easier to have everyone in the house involved with all the fitness guidelines, because it can motivate the child to keeping fit and healthy.

Water Intake

As we all know take water is they only miracle drink that can change our lives. Make sure that you give your child at least three glasses before exercising because it can help, prevent the child's body from dehydration and from leaving the skin dry and lined.

The body needs water to help flush out poisons from things like junk food and additives.

If you are dehydrated, toxins hang around in the liver, making you tired unable to concentrate. Water swills the poisons out and gets the system moving again.

Without Water the contents of the colon (lower intestine) can dry out and get stuck, eventually causing diverticulitis. Constipation can also be a problem, because water is needed to bulk out feaces. Drinking water, along with taking in water from Fruit and Vegetables, helps to rehydrate this waste.

Help Your Child Discover His Extracurricular Skills

Many children have difficulties in discovering their skills because they do not interact in extracurricular activities. The reasons behind this might be vast. But how can you help your child discover his skills?

Let it begin at home. Learn to communicate with your child. Help your child discover what his extra-curricular strengths are. Whatever your child enjoys, it is likely there are opportunities in your community for him to join with others for learning and building relationships.

Teach your child the art of getting others to talk about themselves. Help him see that by doing this, he can learn about his peers and find common interests.

Help your child learn and practice games and activities at home that are popular at school.

Written By Miss Sphephile Peppy Sibanyoni


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