Budget Web Hosting

by James Pratt - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 388 Share This!

Budget Web Hosting

So you want to start an online based business and want to do it on a budget? Of course you do. We all do not have unlimited funds like some of these fortune 500 companies. Most people who start an online business start with very small capital, under $100 for example. The first thing anyone needs to do to start any online venture is to buy a domain name and build a website. However, once you have your domain name and website you need to host the website and that can get tricky. You'll see $6.95 a month to host ONE website. Now, you may think that is cheap, but with an online business you are going to be making dozens of websites. What is $6.95 * 12 or more? You tell me. Not cheap at all.

So you immediately narrow your choices to web hosting companies that let you succeed on a budget. Here is what you need to look for:

Multiple or unlimited sites/domains hosted for a cheap monthly price. Usually under $12. Sufficient Bandwidth. In case you do not know what Bandwidth is I will tell you. Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred from the website to the user visiting your site. So the more data a user transmits from your site; ex. Downloading pictures or files, the more bandwidth is used. Reliable web servers and datacenters. Datacenters are dedicated buildings that host web servers so you have sustained service forever. 24/7 support Fantastico script installation. Mysql databases, PHP, Perl, and Email. All features us as webmasters need to succeed in an online business. If you do not know about them you will surely learn.

Like I said, finding a quality web host can be very hard work because there are so many wannabe companies out there just trying to make a dollar. You never know what you are going to get for the price and the service. Just make sure you look for the above information when searching for a web host.

As a bonus some web hosting companies will offer discount coupons for their service so you can get the first month free or like $50 off for a year. Here is a website that has, in my opinion the tope three web hosting companies on the net reviewed. Check it out.

Budget Web Hosting http://budget-web-hosting.hostcoupons.info

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James Pratt is a freelance internet marketer making a living online. Check out Budget Web Hosting, for more information on the best, cheapest, and most reliable time tested web hosting companies.

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