US Study Finds That Women Have Less Life Insurance Coverage Than Men

by Adam Singleton - Date: 2007-05-23 - Word Count: 432 Share This!

If you're part of a large family or you have a lot of dependents, life insurance should be high up on your list of essential insurance products. A comprehensive life insurance policy can ensure that your family, and any other dependents you might have, will be safely provided for in the event of your death. However, people's attitudes towards life insurance are often casual, and many people who should have life insurance often don't have adequate cover - a fact that is made very clear by a recent survey undertaken by US firm COUNTRY Insurance and Financial Services.

The research carried out by COUNTRY surveyed 3000 Americans and found that, while 76 per cent of women rated life insurance as very or somewhat important, only 14 per cent of women claimed to have life insurance coverage for three years of their current income. Conversely, only 69 per cent of men claimed to rate life insurance as very or somewhat important.

The COUNTRY survey also found that, while almost three quarters (or 73 per cent) of Americans found life insurance to be a very or somewhat important investment, around 30 per cent do not possess life insurance. What's more, 69 per cent of those surveyed believed that both parents should have life insurance in a home where one parent works and one stays at home - but only seven per cent claimed that to be the case in their own household.

Keith Brannan, director of financial security at COUNTRY, commented:

"The good news is Americans recognise that life insurance is important. However, it is troubling that women continue to be underinsured despite their contribution to their families, whether they are breadwinners or stay at home parents."

He added, "Men and women, equally, should take steps to ensure they can preserve their families' financial security in case of unforeseen events."

In the UK, the life insurance market has been similarly rocked by claims that British adults should be sorting out life insurance earlier on in their lifetime. A survey carried out earlier this year by suggested that men between the ages of 35 and 42 are most likely to apply for life insurance, while men in their 40s and 50s are more likely to apply for life insurance than women. This inference suggests that consumers in the UK and the US possess similar trends when it comes to gender and life insurance - and that adults should be making a greater effort to redress this balance in life insurance cover.

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