The Role of Condoms in your Life

by Groshan Fabiola - Date: 2007-08-06 - Word Count: 599 Share This!

Like most of you already know, and have probably seen for yourselves, a condom is a device designed to be used during sexual intercourse. Condoms are usually made of latex, although polyurethane has been used a lot lately. It is the purpose of condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV, syphilis or gonorrhea, but also to prevent pregnancy by blocking the ejaculated semen.

Condoms can usually be purchased in foil wrappers, and will be applied on the man's erect penis, by rolling them over. They are available in many materials, of which the most common is latex. Condoms are most appreciated for their easiness of use, inexpensiveness, and the very few side effects that come with using them. But above all, the main advantage that comes with using a condom during sexual intercourse is that it protects you against sexually transmitted diseases and prevents pregnancy. The safety percentage of using condoms is as high as 98 % in pregnancy prevention, provided you se one each time you have sex and are aware of the proper application technique. If one hundred percent safe is what you are looking for, then you can combine condoms with other forms of contraception. One of these possible forms is spermicide. If you happen to regard the condom as an unpleasant way of interrupting sex, you should try to use it as part of your foreplay, especially when you don't know your partner very well, or you wish to prevent pregnancy.

People see condoms differently. Some people think that a condom represents a physical barrier that dulls sensations. Others prefer to see the advantages that come with this dulled sensation, namely the prolonged erection, and therefore the delayed ejaculation. It's up to you to choose what the condom means to you, but remember that above all, condoms represent protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. It's true that there are other forms of protection available, but the side effects and safety they come with will definitely make you consider condoms before anything else.

If you manage to make condom application a part of your foreplay and get over thinking that it is just a nasty interruption of the sexual act, you'll see that condoms are the best solution for you. Did you know that the elastic properties of latex allow a condom to stretch 800% in excess before it actually breaks? And what does this tell you? That it is virtually impossible to get a sexually transmitted disease or get pregnant just because your condom broke, unless you don't know how to use it. But if you haven't use any condom before and you haven't seen anyone doing it, you can always ask your partner to show you or you can simply follow the instructions that you can find inside the box.

Female condoms have also become available recently. They are similar to male condoms in length, but a wider and larger. These condoms are designed to be inserted into the woman's vagina. With their flexible opening and inner ring that aids insertions, these too can be a good choice for protection during sexual intercourse.

Condoms are available in a variety of colors, flavors, and textures. You can experiment as may as you like and find the one that you and your partner like best. But never forget how important it is to use a condom if you're not using any other form of protection. Remember and always have it with you!

For more resources about condoms or for more fabrication details about how a condom is made and used, please review this page

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For more resources about condoms or for more fabrication details about how a condom is made and used, please review this page

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