Did Obama Make the Right Choice in Joe Biden of Delaware?

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We are going from one sporting event (Summer Olympics) to another type of sporting event: the Democratic National Convention kicked off in Denver on Monday.  The only unknown part of the convention, the vice-presidential choice, was announced on Saturday.

Joe Biden, Delaware, was named the Democratic vice-presidential candidate by Barack Obama on Saturday.  The original plan by the Obama campaign was to communicate who the vice-presidential candidate would be to supporters by text message.  That plan didn't work out so well.  News of the vice-presidential candidate was first reported by the traditional media, though the Obama campaign sent their text message announcement out at 3:00 AM on the 23rd.

Obama and Biden made their first appearance together in Springfield, Illinois at the Illinois State Capital.  This is the same place Obama made the announcement he was running for president in 2006.

Monday night will focus on the story of Barack Obama.  In a relatively new tradition, the nominee's wife, Michelle Obama will be the featured speaker.  Tuesday night's theme will be Renewing America's Promise and Hillary Clinton will be the featured speaker.

Wednesday night is an attempt at trying to be non-partisan in terms of foreign policy, using the theme "Securing America's future".  The night will focus on Obama as commander in chief.  The two main speakers on Wednesday are ex-President Bill Clinton and vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden.  Though it seems President Clinton was upset about his speech subject for the evening - he would rather have been talking about the economy.   Now it looks like the Obama campaign will let President Clinton talk about whatever floats his boat.

Thursday is the final night of the convention and the Democrats will be moving from the Pepsi Center to INVESCO Field to allow a larger audience to participate in the event.  After the roll call vote, Obama will give his acceptance speech.  Though there is contention between Hillary Clinton's supporters and the Obama campaign about how long the roll call vote should continue until Obama is officially declared the candidate.

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