Sony C902 The Ultimate Camera Phone

by Caroline Telford - Date: 2008-07-30 - Word Count: 509 Share This!

Sony Ericsson is always looking for new and innovative ways to draw customers to their line of camera phones. When they presented the Sony C902 to replace the K850, they again tapped into the market with one of the best camera phones on the market. This model has a camera with five mega pixels and has the ability to take nine photos in a second to allow you to choose the best shot.

The ultra slim design of this phone still allows the camera to hide away in its own slide compartment. Sony Ericsson mobile phones always have a way of fitting into the lifestyle of its user, and the C902 is no exception. You can hide your camera from sight until you need it-once you slide the camera's compartment, the camera is in active camera mode. One of the best features of the Sony Ericsson C902 is its ability to recognize the position of the phone and adjust the pictures accordingly.

How many cameras do you know that have face recognition capability? The Sony Ericsson C902 does, and when it recognizes a face, it adjusts itself in order to focus on the face. Sony Ericsson mobile phones are designed with the needs of their users, and with so much emphasis today on quality camera phones, it was important for Sony Ericsson to develop a phone that was a step ahead of the rest.

Sony Ericsson mobile phones have evolved throughout the years to meet with modern technology. The Sony Ericsson C902 is the latest release in the Cyber-Shot line, formerly the "K" series. The C902 replaces the K850i and has many of the same features. The screen is smaller, however, to accommodate touch command keys for the phone and has more interactive features for the camera than most other camera phones. Of all the Sony Ericsson mobile phones, the Cyber-Shot line of camera phones is sure to be the wave of the future in camera phones. Consumers want a phone that takes pictures clearly when they don't have a stand alone digital phone, and the Sony Ericsson C902 can do just that. You will have a mobile phone with exceptional connectivity along with a camera phone that can take great photos. With face recognition software, your camera can recognize a face and zoom in it so that your camera can capture faces more clearly.

When you look for Sony Ericsson mobile phones, you can always expect to find the latest technology. The proof of that lies in the Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-Shot camera phone. This newest entry in Sony Ericsson's Cyber-Shot camera phones not only has great camera features but can also play music and is Bluetooth capable.

You can expect all of the features you need on this ultra-slim camera phone with a keypad large enough to make text messaging easy to accomplish. There is little difference between the Sony Ericsson C902 and the K850i that it replaces. The major differences include the smaller screen and the LED flash instead of the Xenon flash that was part of the K850i.

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