What Are The High Cortisol Symptoms

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People get a lot of stress on a daily basis. The more tension you experience, the higher will be the cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone found in your body.

Medical tests would tell you the level of cortisol present in the blood. However, you can determine if you already have so much of the stress hormones if you know the right high cortisol symptoms. It is very important to know if you have high level of cortisols to prevent other associated health conditions including the
Cushing's syndrome. Some of the most noticeable symptoms include weight gain particularly in the abdomen, immune system weakening, stomach ulcer, and even signs of advanced aging as well.

That is why it is very important to relieve yourself from stress from time to time to avoid experiencing these high cortisol symptoms. But this stress does not only include the emotional strains that you can have. This is covers the pressure that you get from your environment particularly in your workplace.

If you are getting this anxiety consistently, the cortisol levels will increase constantly at the same time. You might have a hard time taking out that bulging stomach as a result of stress.

You should also be conscious if you think that you are experiencing the high cortisol symptoms mentioned before. If there is a rapid increase in the cortisol level, it may lead to a more serious health condition which is called as the Cushing's Syndrome. Both men and women may have this condition although the effects are quite different. Men who are experiencing this may notice that they do not have the sex drive that they used to have. Women on the other hand will get irregular periods and increased growth of hair on the face. But both genders can have elevated blood pressure due to this condition. Purple to pink stretch marks will also start to appear in their body specifically at the abdomen area. There is also a big chance that they would easily feel worn out, change of mood from time to time, and depression.

If you feel like you are experiencing the high cortisol symptoms then it would better if you let a doctor check your cortisol level. But it would be helpful to let the healthcare specialist know the different factors that may cause you to be stressed prior to the testing such as your work, your lifestyle, diet, and other physical issues.

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