Bra And Pantie Panic

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There is no shadow of a doubt that a sexy silky satin bra and panties set does make the perfect romantic gift for the lady you love. Women adore silk or satin next to their skin and those lacy bras make them feel really feminine too. The problem for you guys out there is just where to start your search for that perfect lingerie gift. You may even have made a fuddled attempt at purchasing a lingerie or nightwear gift in the past and fallen at the first hurdle so in this article we have put together some useful tips to help make the whole process a little less painful for you.

The first and foremost thing you must absolutely get right is the whole issue of size. This is the main reason why most guys give up before they even start looking at the idea of buying her a bra and pantie set. They have no idea whatsoever as to her size and then there is all that confusion about cup sizes to throw into the mix as well. Don't panic though because there is an easy way to get all the important information you will ever need and believe it or not it's probably right there under your nose.

You are going to need to do a little research but it will be an "undercover operation" into some unknown territory and it will require a little stealth or cunning if you are to pull it off successfully. You need to take a naughty peek into her lingerie drawers (in the nicest possible way of course) and hopefully without detection or your surprise gift won't be a surprise at all. O.K. choose a time when you know that you aren't going to be disturbed for at least fifteen minutes and in you go.

You need labels. You know the little tickets sewn into the garments with the all important information relating to size. Whist your in there it may be well worth your while to check out the kinds of lingerie styles she already wears because that way you stand a better chance of getting it right first time. Check her bras especially one you think she wears on a regular basis and make a note of the two measurements on the label. One will be the cup size which follows the letters of the alphabet starting at "A" for the smallest size and the other will be her actual chest measurement in inches. If you are thinking of buying her a bra and pantie set you will also need to read the label in a pair of her panties as well. This will usually relate to a standard dress size like 12, 14, 16 and so on although some times it may be labeled small to extra large ect.

Now if your mission into the depths of her lingerie drawers has been a success you will be armed with all the information you need to buy her that perfect lingerie gift. A visit to your nearest lingerie store is not going to be necessary because everything you need can be found online. On of the great things about the internet is how its revolutionized lingerie shopping by making it safe, secure and very discreet too. Don't be tempted by all those vivid colors which look fabulous but will show through most of her clothes meaning your new lingerie gift isn't going to get much of an outing if at all. Stick with pastel shades and remember that sexy doesn't after mean uncomfortable. The more practical the lingerie the more she will wear it so try to base your choice around some of the stuff you saw in her lingerie drawers. If all else fails the more reputable online lingerie stores will offer a returns service so she can always exchange it for something else. Happy lingerie shopping!

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