The Importance Of Innovation

by Trevor C Krueger - Date: 2007-01-05 - Word Count: 493 Share This!

A regular and repeated argument in commercial circles is the one that debates the order of importance between the factory floor producing the product and the sales team ensuring that it finds its place in the market. While the latter ensures the generation of essential income to fuel and grow the company, without something to sell they wouldn't even have a job let alone the commodity with which to generate sales. A regular chicken and egg debate if ever there was one - or is it?

To my mind both camps are eligible for the title of "most important" for this platitude must surely belong to another group even further back along the chain, the "innovator". For without the guy who dreams up the product in the first place there is neither need for production or sale of the same. So, surely, it is the inventor, the ideas man, the designer who has first claim to assuring the success of any corporation regardless of its size or market influence.

How many factories exist now thanks to that Eureka moment of the innovator who sits up in bed at three in the morning armed with a thought that could change the World, or at least influence a small part of what we require to make it a progressive place within which to live?

The truth is we all need each other to complete a productive circle that involves many essential contributors to making an idea a commercial viability. To my mind there should be a much easier line of communication between industry and innovator than there would appear to be.

How many thousands of "would-be inventors" are there out there with ideas they have devoted their lives to but find it almost impossible to find commercial interest for, to aid or further their development. Most have no idea where to start when it comes to presenting an idea or even what rules apply to ensuring that their "genius" is not misguided. Organisations exist who are supposed to help but even they can be hard to find if unfamiliar with the territory.

Innovators are therefore left to find whatever route they can to reach a possible "buyer" for their idea. Many are not interested in producing the product themselves or getting over involved in it's marketing, they are happy to leave that to the experts, leaving them, the creatives, free to continue further product development and the conception of new ideas.

One such link opportunity exists through a marvellous new website called DebutDay.Com An exciting new conduit and notice board that aims to connect the creative with the commercial world. To date innovators have relied on letter writing, agents, local development agencies etc to reach their goal. More recently innovators are falling "victim" to the audience hunting TV predators with programmes such as " The Dragons Den", "The Big Idea" etc who essentially use the novelty of the innovator as an ingredient for entertainment.

Often preying on the inventors need to win the

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Trevor Krueger is an avid art lover and has many years experience in the art and picture framing business. He is also the co-founder of, a site dedicated to promoting creative talent.
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