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In Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine, you're an agent for a secret organization committed to investigating the paranormal, and you're tasked to locate nine evil artifacts which have gone missing due to a fire at Grimstone mansion, where they were locked up. Mysterious and malevolent things are now happening throughout the continent, so it's up to you to solve these nine stories to save the world from harm. Much of the game-play is "HOG"-based, so you'll comb through a messy indoor or outdoor scene to look for clues. These items are listed at the bottom of the screen and when you find and click them, they're removed from the list. For example, you might need to mix and boil liquids together, therefore you'll collect the ingredients, vials, matches, and so on. This element is very well done and players will find themselves scratching their heads on what to do with these half-dozen items in their inventory. Along with the adventure game-like puzzle element, which keeps things fresh, the game also houses a number of mini-game conundrums that go above and beyond the usual assortment of jigsaw puzzles, "match 3" or "spot the difference" challenges. Without giving anything away, the ones written into this game will please any discerning player and are related to the story. And if you get stuck, as I did in the third mission, you can skip it if need be. In total there are 20 minigames you can access from the main menu, if desired.

Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine

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