Colour Healing: Bringing More Gold into Your Life

by Lucy Costigan - Date: 2007-03-25 - Word Count: 630 Share This!

Gold derives from yellow and is the colour of wisdom. It is the colour of old souls and sages, of protection and deep healing for past wounds which still linger and need special healing. Gold signifies the highest spiritual colour.

Golden Shower of Light

It is always a deeply healing experience to visualise yourself standing under a golden shower of light, allowing your energy centres to receive deep clearing, healing and balancing. Visualise and feel your whole body, mind and spirit being filled with golden liquid light from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Now imagine that there is golden light radiating out through your heart centre and out through your left hand moving out to the universe. Then visualise the golden energy flowing back in through your right hand from the divine source of light. Then visualise your solar plexus (the area just under your stomach) as a large golden disc, shimmering and glowing, full of this golden healing light. Allow this golden light to clear away any hurts from the past and to realign your sense of personal power and self-worth. This is a very powerful healing visualisation to do for just a few minutes each morning and evening.

To Bring Yellow into your Energy Field

Find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed for about twenty minutes and close your eyes. Visualise yellow coming down from your crown, through each of your energy centres and then moving down to your feet and back down to the earth. Now feel the yellow energy moving up from your feet and up into your legs. Your legs feel like straw, absorbing the yellow colour which is moving upwards from the molten lava in the earth. Each energy centre is filled with yellow, right up to the crown of your head.

Allow the colour yellow to reawaken your unique creativity and your zest for life. Visualise all the positive images that yellow evokes for you - such as a shimmering ray of sunlight, a favourite item of clothing, or a sparkling field of daffodils. Feel the colour yellow soaking deeply into every fibre and cell, bringing deep healing and vitality to every muscle and bone. Take a deep breath and breathe in this beautiful yellow energy. Feel yourself becoming one with yellow, revelling in your uniqueness and individuality.

Tune in to how this yellow energy feels to you. Do you enjoy working with the colour yellow or do you feel uncomfortable? Does yellow evoke aliveness and happy times, or does it bring up other strong emotion? Become aware of your feelings and associations around the colour yellow.

Painting with Yellow

Spend a few moments tuning into your uniqueness. There has never been anyone just like you. No person has ever had your unique blend of talents, personality and interests. Only you can make your unique contribution to the world. Now choose a paintbrush and a pot or tube of yellow paint, or use a yellow marker or crayon. Enjoy using your materials to paint or draw any shapes or images that come to you.

When you have finished, tune in to your feelings around the colour yellow that may be evoked by your drawing. Are you filled with a sense of aliveness and a delight in your uniqueness using yellow, or do you feel uneasy or detached when using this colour?

Now close your eyes once again and visualise your body, mind and spirit full of yellow light. To bring balance back into your charkas you can now visualise the colour violet since it is the complementary colour of yellow. Visualise yourself under a deep violet shower. Feel each of your energy centres being revitalised. Now feel a deep peace descend as your energy is recharged and you are centred and surrounded by light and love.

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Lucy Costigan is an author and therapist from South-East Ireland. To date Lucy has written eight books, six works of non-fiction and two novels. Her books have been published in Ireland and the United States. The themes of her books include the meaning of life, consciousness, awareness of social issues in counselling, workplace bullying and harassment, complementary therapies, and Celtic spirituality. This article is an extract from her ebook, Colour Healing. Each of the colours of the energy centres is described, along with their properties and healing abilities. Several websites are also listed where you will find more information if you wish to delve deeper into the fascinating world of colour. Colour Healing ebook is available from

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