Limiting Beliefs: Allow Feng Shui and Alternative Treatments to Help you Heal

by Carole Provenzale - Date: 2007-02-03 - Word Count: 559 Share This!

As Feng Shui Consultants, we are told to reach for the sky.  To put our Intentions out for what we want to attract back to us.  We are taught the Laws of Attraction, The Power of Intention, Getting our Name out to the Universe.  These are new thoughts and belief systems for some, but it's gaining ground.  More people then ever before are starting to believe and becoming more spiritual and are finding it impossible to deny there really IS something to all of this "positive thinking."

Years ago I worked in a wonderful, completely Wholistic Center.  Many of the people that came there for "treatments" were there because their doctors had turned them away; they were the hopeless cases.  Cancer, MS, advanced heart dis-ease flocked to the center looking for another way to heal.  And there, they found it.  It is amazing to me still that watching these people come in, so saddened and downtrodden by what they had been told but they held out their beliefs that there was hope and help for them.

It has long been said that you have to give up your life force before you can pass; many of these people, though beaten down, were simply not ready to "cash it in."  And surrounded by love and non invasive, pure energy treatments such as Acupuncture, Amma Therapy, herbs, a change in diet and everything natural created miracles.  I saw people heal, come in with better attitudes, begin to smile again and finally to laugh at times. I saw the fear go away and these people start to heal.

In retrospect, while I am an absolute believer in all forms of Energy Healing and recommend it to my clients (with their doctor's permission, of course), I believe it was also the love showered on these people by their practitioners.  They instilled hope, belief, light and a new way to look at things.  They gave them the tools to help them create their own healings by their own Intentions, attitudes and pure energy they transmitted to their patients.  Double the energy is energy intensified.

The patients were stopped from having the "limiting belief" ideas that had been instilled in them as they went from doctor to doctor, hearing the worst news.  They were not taught about their own powerful energy, universal laws, that we come from source energy and it has every thing we could need or want in our lives.  We just forget or aren't sure how to connect to it.  And that's when we lose our way.

Don't limit your belief system.  Reach out to the Universe, send out the best possible thoughts and intentions even (and especially) when times are difficult.  If we live by the law of attraction, we will get back exactly what we send out.  If you are having a difficult time connecting or are just plain "stuck," get some assistance.  There are some wonderful, well known energy healers that can give you insights and help you release some of the negative energy that perhaps is stored in your body from those stressful times.  Don't be afraid to reach out, find help and learn that you really CAN heal yourself. Don't limit YOUR beliefs, your Intentions are much more powerful then you are likely to ever realize.  Now it's your turn to reach for the sky.

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