7 Basic Steps to E-Publishing

by Derek Wood - Date: 2007-05-01 - Word Count: 613 Share This!

Ok, first we will take a moment just to make sure that you know what an info-product is. Information products are basically a book, video, or audio clip that teaches someone else how to do something. This can be as small as a few pages, a ten minute video, or a week long audio seminar. It all depends on what information is being provided, and how much there is to learn.

Now that we know what an info product is, let's talk about how to get started with creating your own products.

Step 1) You first need to know what it is that you know a lot about. Take a moment to think of several topics that you know well. Can you carve statues with a chainsaw? Are you an excellent poker player? Perhaps you have a method of saving money on daily household items that no one has heard of before. Anything that you can do, that other people might be interested in learning, or that will benefit them, if they can do it too is considered a great product.

Step 2) Now make a simply list of your topic and all the things that you know about that topic. The better your list, the more effective your writing process will be.

Step 3) Take a moment to organize your list into an outline based on categories. If you're writing about carving with a chainsaw, you might have a list of which chainsaws to buy as one category, and 10 best types of wood to use as another.

Step 4) As with step 2, you will now list everything you know about each sub-category you listed. Again, try to be as detailed as you can. You will be providing these details to your readers.

Step 5) Ok, now you can get started writing what you already know. You have created a list of your main topic, several sub-topics, and hopefully some text about what you know about each topic. During this step you will simply expand on this by writing out a few paragraphs about your topics and sub-topics. Try to write from the heart, as if you were simply sharing the information with a friend. Do not worry at this point about grammar and structure; you will be able to correct any problems with that later.

Important notes for step 5. If you are not comfortable writing out your product yet, try breaking it down into sections. Take each topic and write a small stand-alone article about that topic. Then go back and do this for each topic. You can then combine your articles into one larger book.

You will basically use the same process for audio of video products, as these products will still need a list of topics to discuss. The only difference is that you will be talking, and if you wrote it all down, then at least you have a script to follow.

Step 6) Proofreading. This is an essential part of your product. Make sure that you take the time to read it, and re-read it for errors and context. If you are unsure, then consider having a friend or family member read it. No one likes to see errors in printed materials, especially if it was your own error.

Step 7) Now all you have left to do is to put it all together. You now have your product topics, some content, and it has been written and proofed. Now you need to get it published through a publisher, convert it to a PDF File, or record it as necessary.

That's it. You're done with the product creation process. Now that you're done, you can move on to the hard work. Selling your product!

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