The Psychology of Losing Weight

by Michael Jenkins - Date: 2008-11-09 - Word Count: 541 Share This!

Mind set is a huge part of successful weight loss. Having the correct thought patterns can make your weight loss journey sustainable long term. The reason for this is that when you create a shift in your thinking, you create a shift in your habits. Staying positive is critical. The fact is that it is difficult to lose weight. It is even more difficult to lose weight and keep it off. That's why laying the foundations, and creating the correct mental tool kit it critical. Let's explore how people lose weight and keep it off long term by shaping the correct habits.

Below are some effective weight management tools you can use to start to lose weight. These have been based on the success of hundreds of successful case studies.

1. Eat slowly and stop eating before you get full. This might sound overly simplistic; however it has been found in a study of 3000 adults conducted by The British Medical Journal that people who eat too fast and also eat till they are full are up to three times more likely to put on weight than those who eat slowly. The people who took part in this survey were not over weight and they had a BMI (Body Mass Index) in a normal and healthy weight range.

2. Lose weight slowly. Often people are very motivated at the beginning of a weight loss program. The fact is that successful and loss and long term weight management is a lifelong journey and there is no point losing weight fast, to put the weight straight back on when you resume your normal lifestyle. This is considered yo-yo dieting and isn't effective in long term weight loss. Further when you lose weight slowly you can stop focusing on the numbers on the scale, and work on changing your eating habits and living a healthy lifestyle.

3. Eat frequently. People who lose weight and maintain it eat frequently (every 3-4 hours). Hunger is the main reason people go on a binge when trying to adjust their eating habits and lose weight. Eating regularly keeps your blood sugar at an appropriate level and stops you from feeling hungry. Moreover it also keeps your metabolism moving. Eat the right foods little and often.

4. Eat breakfast. Eating breakfast is essential. Breakfast kick starts you metabolism. It's hard to believe that you can lose weight by eating, however it is true.

5. Exercise for 60 minutes per day. It may seem like a lot, however once it becomes a habit, you will miss the days you miss your workout. You don't need to so intensive exercise in this hour. If you walked for an hour you would travel over five kilometres!

6. Limit TV to 10 hours per week. This gives you more time to exercise and not munching on the couch. You will be amazed at what a difference this can make!

Another major in losing weight is to write down your goals. Writing your goals is very powerful and it is a common trait in successful people. How can you hit a target that you cannot see? Write your goals down, look at them every day and reward yourself when you achieve your goals!

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