Affliliate Money Machine - How to Turn Your Computer Into a Cash Generating Machine

by Eric Tokar - Date: 2007-03-01 - Word Count: 559 Share This!

If you have a website or want to set up a website you can easily turn it into a cash generating machine. Even if your website is not geared towards making money or even selling anything You can still easily monetize your website.

The most common way for a website to generate income is through google adsense. No matter what your website is about you can easily make a nice amount of money with google adsense. Adsense is about the simplest way to make money. All you need is to do is to sign up with them and they will give you customizable code for your website. You can customize it by having the links appear as horizontal banners, boxes, and other things. Every time someone clicks on one of the ads you get paid. Adsense displays ads on your website depending on the text on your website so that way the ads are geared towards your site.

I highly recommend using adsense for your site, but in addition to that you should also use affiliate programs. There are a lot of affiliate networks, but the most popular is commission junction. Any affiliate network you sign up with will give you text links and banners to use within your website. When the customer buys something through your link they will pay you a percent of the sale. Some sites use pay per lead. You get paid for simply getting someone to sign up with another website. For many sites it may not seem that there are any affiliate programs out there that are really really fit your website. In this case you just find the closest related product to your website and use that add. Having semi related ads is better than having none at all. I can almost guarantee you that if you put up any ad that is at least semi targeted to what your website is about you will generate sales.

If you can not make a decision on what company to promote on your website and you are stuck between several companies you should look at the companies epc. Epc stands for earnings per 100 clicks. If you are deciding what company to promote you may be more likely to take the company that will pay you the highest per sale, however this strategy may not be the best for maximizing your profit. Even if a company pays higher per sale a company that pays less may have a higher conversion rate and overall pay more. When you are looking for an company to promote just remember earnings per 100 clicks outweighs earnings per sale. If you see several affiliate programs you would like to promote, but still can not decide you can use an banner ad rotator. A banner ad rotator allows you to have several affiliate links within your website. When a user goes on your website one ad shows up, then the next time they go on your website your other banner ad shows up. If you would like to find some code that will allow you to use a banner rotator you can simply find it searching on any search engine.

Creating your own cash machine on your computer can seem a little difficult, but if yo take it step by step the next thing you know you will have your own cash generating machine.

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