How To Sell Ebooks With Resell Rights

by Samantha Milner - Date: 2009-12-01 - Word Count: 274 Share This!

I'm often asked how to sell ebooks with resell rights because it really confuses people but it really is quite straightforward.

When you sell an ebook with resell rights you are selling the purchaser the rights to resell the ebook and keep all of the profits.

There is a massive demand for these type of licenses and there are many opportunities for you to sell these licenses to interested people.

For instance if you have an ebook with resell rights on the subject of rose gardening one of the options open to you is to go to gardening forums and you will soon find a group of people who are both interested in gardening and also making some money, after all, who isn't looking for some extra cash nowadays.

You could simply make a reference to these ebooks in your signature on the forum and you will get a steady stream of visitors who may well be interested.

Another popular method for selling these products on any subject is the warrior form. There are different avenues available to you to sell on there such as the WSO section but again you will find that a simple mention in your signature link will have the desired effect.

For the actual delivery of these ebooks make sure that you inform the purchaser of the rights that are available with the book and set the whole thing up so that the ebook is downloadable as soon as the payment is made.

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