How to Make a Diaper Cake on Your Own

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Why spend $70 or more on diaper cakes, when it is easy to make a diaper cake on your own. This is a wonderful gift idea for baby shower celebration and for a mom-to-be. In addition, diaper cake is a fun gift that looks very beautiful and is useful. The mom-to-be use this gift for decorating her baby's room.

At times, you may find difficult to make a diaper cake, so appoint a professional to do the job. This will not only expensive, but will also fail to add a personal touch to your diaper cake gift. When you can make diaper cakes on your own, then why appoint someone.

Follow the below mentioned easy instructions and then see, how well you have made a diaper cake:

1. To make the pinnacle of a diaper cake, tie up a diaper. Coat a rubber band very nearly to the rolled diaper to prevent it from winding off. 

2. Add seven more diapers around the rubber band. For the mid layer, repeat the first step and then add one big rubber band and 15 diapers.

3. For the bottom, repeat the second step and add big rubber band with 30 diapers.

4. Cut a round base on a cardboard and set the largest layer on the bottom of the cardboard.

5. Inside every layer, keep a surprise gift such as a doll, a coupon, or small piece of baby attire. You can also keep baby shampoo or lotion in the middle for stability.

6. After hiding gifts in each of the layer, assemble the remaining layers of the cake.

7. Safely keep them together by inserting one or two artificial pins through the bottom layer and then stack the other layers on crest of it. Be careful to pierce the pins between the diapers and not through the diapers. 

8. Add ribbons around every layer to wrap the rubber bands.

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You can learn how to make a beautiful diaper cake by 2 ways. One is by reading lengthy and boring books, and get tired after reading it. Or, the second way is by watching videos how to make a perfect diaper cake.

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